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Research & Case Law

Santee v. Santee (Tennessee 2018)

February 2018

If a court imputes income to a parent for child support, it must make supportive, consistent findings. In this divorce action, the mother didn’t work during the marriage and stayed at home with the children.

Gipson v. Jackson (Mississippi 2018)

February 2018

If a court deviates from the presumptive amount of child support, it must make findings as to why the application of the guidelines is unjust or inappropriate. The father appealed the Chancery Court order that increased child support by $200.

McKinney v. Hamp (Mississippi 2018)

February 2018

A supersedeas bond, authorized by Mississippi Rule of Appellate Procedure 8(a), will not stay enforcement of an order for prospective, monthly child support pending appeal. A signing bonus for a parent-athlete is part of the parent’s gross income for child support purposes.

Dixon v. Dixon (Mississippi 2018)

February 2018

A Mississippi statute gives courts discretion to emancipate a child and terminate child support under certain circumstances. A judgment on arrears clears a parent of contempt so as to allow for a modification of support but the parent still has to show a substantial change in circumstances.

Thomson v. Holling (North Carolina 2018)

February 2018

Specific evidence must support the income determination for a self-employed parent. The mother appealed the lower court’s income calculation for the father, who was self-employed. The lower court based its determination on father's child support worksheet and testimony.

Behavioral Strategies to Increase Engagement in Child Support

February 2018

A person who comes into the child support office to accept service voluntarily is actively engaging in the child support process. In doing so, the person benefits from reduced fees, a greater voice in the legal process, and a better understanding of the way an order is established. The child support program benefits from increased efficiency, reduced costs, and the ability to provide more information to parents. With these benefits in mind, the Behavioral Interventions for Child Support Services (BICS) team worked with the Georgia Division of Child Support Services (DCSS) to test a new form of outreach intended to get more people to accept service voluntarily. 

In re Michael J. (Tennessee 2018)

January 2018

A copy of a genetic testing report is not eligible for judicial notice. This case involves a paternity action that was first heard in front of a magistrate, who ordered genetic testing.

In re Joel B. (Tennessee 2018)

January 2018

It is appropriate to impute a parent to a higher income for child support when the parent voluntarily takes a lower paying job. The mother, an attorney, appealed the lower court’s order imputing a higher income to her.

State on behalf of Mariah B. and Renee B. v. Kyle B. (Nebraska 2018)

January 2018

 A contempt finding requires that the parent willfully violate the court order. The parent must have the present ability to comply with the purge conditions. The father appealed a contempt order for failure to pay support.

Smith v. Doe (Mississippi 2018)

January 2018

A party must move to set aside a final judgment within six months if the party is alleging misconduct by the other party as the grounds for the set aside. In the case at hand, the father and mother settled their divorce.