Employers are essential participants in the child support program. We can make their work easier.

Employer Services

Does your employer database contain redundant, obsolete, or incomplete information? Do you want to save both employer and child support staff time? 

YoungWilliams can help.  Employer wage withholding alone accounts for over 70 percent of the nation’s child support collections. Employers have other responsibilities as well: verify employment, report new hires, enroll children in health insurance plans, and comply with many other legal requirements. 

Each day, child support agencies generate hundreds of communications to employers, most of which are legal notices and orders. If an agency does not have an employer’s correct information on file, these important documents may be delayed, at best, or never delivered at all. This has a domino effect on the state’s child support program, and affects children who depend upon IV-D services.  

Let YoungWilliams clean-up and maintain your agency’s employer database so that employer information is current and reliable, allowing both your staff and your state’s employers to work more efficiently and cost-effectively. We can also follow up with employers in other areas to improve their compliance, and your program’s performance. Through our technology and personal outreach, we will make it easy for your state’s valuable employers to provide updated, accurate information, while allowing your agency’s child support professionals more time to focus on the business of collecting child support.