Our state-of-the art payment processing solution is secure, cost effective, and hassle-free.

Payment Processing

Are you looking for a dependable, hassle-free payment processing solution that will improve turnaround time, reduce costs, and assure customer satisfaction?

YoungWilliams can help. Whether paying or receiving child support, parents want their money correctly credited and promptly paid. The same holds true for employers who deduct and remit payments from the wages of their employees. A YoungWilliams-operated State Disbursement Unit (SDU) provides all the personnel, systems, and safeguards necessary to get child support into the hands of the families who depend upon it.

We use state-of-the-art equipment to open mail, scan payments and documents, and post payments to the state’s automated child support system. Through regular outreach and user-friendly systems, we promote electronic payment by employers and noncustodial parents. We also encourage custodial parents to receive their funds electronically through direct deposit or debit cards. Through electronic transmission and automation, we can decrease processing time, improve accuracy, increase security, and reduce costs. This benefits parents, children, employers, and taxpayers.  

In addition to the efficient payment processing we promise, we offer world-class customer care. Customers who phone the SDU, will receive prompt, courteous attention each and every time they call. No busy signals, no extended hold times, no worries! With two federal awards to show for it, YoungWilliams is the premier provider of customer service in the child support field. 

Engaging YoungWilliams as your SDU provider will ensure your constituents receive the service they expect and deserve.