If you need it done, we can do it!

Specialized Services

Do you need more time or staff to address backlogs, clean up data, write grants, conduct training, or complete other special projects? 

YoungWilliams can help.  We know that child support agencies always have more to do – and never enough time or people to do it.  Most agencies devote staff time to the core child support functions; however there is rarely enough time or staff to focus on activities that might improve efficiency, accountability, operations, and/or customer service.  Even if staffing is sufficient, the right people may not be available.  With retirements, hiring freezes, and reductions in force, an agency might not have the personnel necessary to undertake special projects.

That’s where YoungWilliams comes in.  We are dedicated to child support, and have no other lines of business.  Therefore, we are able to attract top-notch professionals who have committed their careers to child support.  We have experts in every area of the IV-D program, including:

  • Consulting and business process improvement

  • Policies and Procedures – development and documentation

  • Customer service consulting, early intervention, operations, and training

  • Paternity establishment and acknowledgment

  • Training and professional development

  • Grant writing and administration

  • Financial adjustment, reconciliation, and undistributed collections

Let our staff support your staff. With operations all over the country, we can bring best practices, innovative approaches, and lessons learned from around the nation. We can help you develop a plan, and provide the staffing and expertise necessary to tackle your project.