Child support is both our passion and our mission. Children, families, and the public depend on it.

Vision, Mission & Values

Our mission is simple: employ the best resources, people, and ideas to help our government partners operate high-performing, cost-effective child support programs that provide positive outcomes for the children and families we jointly serve. 

Our vision is a society in which all parents voluntarily and consistently provide financial, medical, and emotional support of their children.  We strive to be a valuable asset to our clients and customers, administering fair and effective programs, guiding parents and stakeholders through the child support system, and identifying opportunities and programs to help mothers, fathers, and families achieve success. 

Our values are CLEAR:

  • Customer-focused: We examine our services through the eyes of our government clients and the customers we serve, and continuously ask ourselves, “How can we do this better?”  Our focus on the needs of our customers permeates every aspect of our business, and helps us provide world-class customer service.

  • Loyal: We build strong bonds with our government partners, and put their needs – and the needs of IV-D constituents – above our corporate interests.  We are passionate about the IV-D program, and are committed to the social and economic goals of the program, and the well-being of children. 

  • Ethical: As a partner to government in child support service delivery, we are entrusted with providing services to the public, and therefore adhere to the same high standards as government.  We uphold the public trust, and provide services with honesty and integrity.  Our partners can count on us to “do the right thing” even under the most challenging and difficult circumstances.

  • Accountable: Our relationships with our government clients are characterized by openness, responsibility, and accountability.  We keep our government partners fully apprised of our work, potential problems and developing issues.  There are no surprises! 

  • Reliable: We are credible and trustworthy. Our clients and their constituents are able to count on us to timely honor all of our commitments.  If we say we will do something, we will do it, and do it right!  

Over the years, YoungWilliams has evolved into one of the nation’s largest and most trusted providers of contact centers and child support services. Today, we have a workforce of over 1,000, and provide a wide range of services in collaboration with state and local government agencies. These services include payment processing, local office operations, enterprise contact centers, employer maintenance services, and special projects and operations.