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Research & Case Law

Servatius v. Ryals (North Carolina 2018)

December 2018

Evidence must support a contempt finding, and the order must then contain the specific findings. The mother filed a motion for order to show cause, alleging that the father had failed to pay support. The court issued the order and ordered the father to appear.

Hubbard v. Ratliff (Mississippi 2018)

December 2018

A child who enters the military is considered emancipated and child support stops. In this case, the mother filed a contempt action that alleged the father failed to pay support and to comply with other provisions of the divorce decree.

Characteristics of Families Served by the Child Support (IV-D) Program: 2016 U.S. Census Survey Results

November 2018

This report uses the latest data available from the U.S. Census Bureau to describe custodial families served by the IV-D program, a federally mandated program that promotes parental responsibility and family self-sufficiency by providing families with child support services.

Peterson v. Peterson (Nebraska 2018)

November 2018

Alimony shouldn’t be counted as income for child support during initial establishment. The district court entered a final divorce decree, which established child support and alimony. The father requested a new trial.

State v. McColery (Nebraska 2018)

November 2018

Appearance bond funds held by a clerk of court are not personal property registered with a county office for purposes of the child support lien statute. An automatic lien does not attach to these funds. A father, who owed child support arrears, was arrested for strangulation.

In re Marriage Heine (Colorado 2018)

November 2018

When parents voluntarily agree to a change in custody, the statute allows support to be modified back to the date of the change. A court has discretion to terminate or modify support for the obligor and establish support for the new obligor.

The Child Support Performance and Incentive Act at 20: Examining Trends in State Performance

November 2018

Twenty years have passed since Congress enacted P.L. 105-200, the Child Support Performance and Incentive Act (CSPIA), dramatically restructuring the child support performance incentive system. Prior to its passage in 1998, there was growing concern that the incentive system lacked an effective impetus for improving state progress toward achieving the program’s goals since all states received a minimum incentive payment based solely on its child support collections. With the 20th anniversary of CSPIA's passage, there is renewed attention on the performance-based incentive system and its role in improving program performance.  This brief builds on previous work examining national trends in child support performance, and concludes with a discussion of next steps for future analysis. 

Child Support Cooperation Requirements in Child Care Subsidy Programs and SNAP: Key Policy Considerations

October 2018

This brief, part of the EMPOWERED Study conducted on behalf of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (ASPE), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, presents findings from a formative examination of the use of child support cooperation requirements among child care subsidy programs and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). This brief provides context for important policy discussions on the use of child support cooperation requirements by summarizing findings from an exploratory examination of the current landscape of optional cooperation requirements.  Based on a scan and targeted interviews in eight states, the brief offers a national snapshot of the current status of states’ adoption of cooperation requirements for child care subsidy and SNAP recipients, an overview of the process used to implement the requirement and key points in the process that states have flexibility to shape policy, and highlights areas ripe for future research. The brief was prepared under contract #HHSP233201500035I / HHSP23337027T. 

Martin v. Hart (Wyoming 2018)

October 2018

A child support order must state the amount of presumptive support. If the court deviates from the presumptive amount, it must give specific reasons. The father filed to establish paternity, custody, and visitation of the child.

Bruton v. Bruton (Mississippi 2018)

October 2018

If a child support award is above the guideline amount, the Court must justify the award. In his case, the original divorce decree required the father to pay support plus day care and 60 percent of the children’s private school tuition and fees.