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Research & Case Law

In re Marriage of Leoni (Kansas 2007)

December 2007

Factors a district court should consider when deciding what amount, if any, of a subchapter S corporation's income should be included when calculating child support include the past earnings history of the corporation, ownership share, and the shareholder's ability to control the distribution or retention of net profits in the business.

Demographic Survey Results from Nine-State IV-D Programs

December 2007

In FY 2007, the national child support program served 17 million children and collected $25 billion in child support, yet little is known about the underlying demographic and economic characteristics of the individuals served. To remedy this lack of information, Courtland Consulting and the Urban Institute, under contract with the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement, surveyed nine state child support programs about their caseloads.

The Potential Impact of Increasing Child Support Payments to TANF Families

December 2007

The Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 includes incentives for states to increase the amount of child support that is "passed through" to families on welfare, rather than retained to offset welfare expenditures. Beginning October 1, 2008, the federal government will share in the costs of a $100 per month pass-through for families with one child and a $200 per month pass-through for families with two or more children. This brief discusses the potential benefits and costs to families, states, and the federal government if all states implemented a $100/$200 pass-through and disregard.

Reducing Child Support Default Orders in Colorado

November 2007

The project explored strategies that child support agencies might use to increase non-custodial parent (NCP) participation in proceedings to establish child support orders and reduce default orders. The research was conducted by the Division of Child Support Services with the Colorado Department of Human Services.

In re KMH (Kansas 2007)

October 2007

A man may be deemed a sperm donor if he provides sperm directly to a female for insemination in a doctor's office. The man does not have to provide his sperm directly to a physician performing an artificial insemination to be deemed a sperm donor.

State Use of Debt Compromise to Reduce Arrearages

October 2007

This is a report on the prevalence, characteristics, and outcomes of debt compromise programs used by State child support enforcement (CSE) agencies to reduce child support arrearages.

Colorado Parenting Time/Visitation Project

September 2007

This is a report on a Colorado demonstration project held in two counties to determine if increased access and visitation led to more engagement of non-custodial parents (NCP) with their children, and the payment of child support. The research was conducted by the Division of Child Support Services with the Colorado Department of Human Services.

Partners for Fragile Families Demonstration Projects: Employment and Child Support Outcomes and Trends

September 2007

The Partnership for Fragile Families Demonstration projects, operating in 13 sites across the country, provided a range of services aimed at increasing the capacity of young, economically disadvantaged fathers in becoming financial and emotional resources to their children and sought to reduce poverty and welfare dependence. As part of a multi-component evaluation, this report examines how participants fared in two key areas: (1) employment rates and earnings levels and (2) the establishment of child support orders and the payment of child support.

Starkey v. Starkey (Wyoming 2007)

July 2007

Father cannot receive credit against arrears based on prior voluntary overpayments.

Assessing Child Support Arrears in Nine Large States and the Nation

July 2007

In September 2007, child support arrears that had accumulated across the nation had reached $107 billion. The purpose of this report is to provide information about the individuals who owe child support arrears, estimate how much arrears are likely to be collected, and identify the factors that have led to their rapid growth.