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Research & Case Law

In re Paternity of Janzen v. Janzen (Kansas 2010)

April 2010

Under the Kansas Parentage Act, a child may bring an action to determine a father and child relationship arising from a statutory presumption of paternity. The Kansas Parentage Act permits retroactive awards of support normally prohibited in divorce cases.

Swain v. The State of Wyoming (Wyoming 2009)

November 2009

A civil contempt is remedial and the penalty serves to enforce compliance with a court order.

Dia v. Oakley (Kansas 2009)

October 2009

The Uniform Interstate Family Support Act, known as UIFSA, allows support orders entered in other states and some foreign countries to be registered and enforced in Kansas.

Evaluation of the Bright Start Genetic Testing Program

October 2009

This is an evaluation of Washington’s 1115 demonstration grant to improve the rates of in-hospital paternity establishment by enhancing relationships with hospital staff, and providing free genetic testing to couples who were uncertain about the child’s paternity or did not want to sign an acknowledgment in the hospital.

Colorado Early Intervention and Simplified Modification Project

September 2009

This report covers Colorado’s Section 1115 grant to increase child support payments and reduce arrears through early intervention and modification of support orders in two counties, Denver and Pueblo. The research was conducted by the Division of Child Support Services with the Colorado Department of Human Services.

Update Evaluation of the Bright Start Demonstration Program

September 2009

This report is a sequel to the September 2008 report, and provides updated information regarding Washington’s Bright Start Program, which was designed to enhance in-hospital paternity establishment.

State ex rel. SRS v. Cleland (Kansas 2009)

August 2009

A trial court's application or denial of the doctrine of laches is reviewed for an abuse of discretion.

State ex rel. SRS v. Cleland (Kansas 2009)

August 2009

A child support judgment that was not void as of July 1, 2007, shall not become dormant, except that the judgment shall cease to operate as a lien on the real estate of the judgment debtor as of the date the judgment would have become dormant.

Partner Up Final Evaluation Report

July 2009

This report covers a grant received by the Colorado Division of Child Support Enforcement to identify policies that support healthy relationships and marriage. The research was conducted by the Division of Child Support Services with the Colorado Department of Human Services.

Non-custodial Parents: Summaries of Research, Grants, and Practices

July 2009

This report summarizes past grant and research projects funded by the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) focusing on non-custodial parents, and points readers to more comprehensive information.