Williams v. Williams (Mississippi 2019)

No. 2017-CA-01478-SCT (Miss. 2019)
January 2019

The Court may impute income to a parent for child support purposes when the parent’s reported income is clearly inadequate to support his or her lifestyle. In this case, the parents filed for divorce in 2013. The parents had three children, but only one was still a minor. With regards to child support, the mother alleged her adjusted monthly income was $1,101.87. Testimony showed that mother had paid off $15,000 in property debt, bought a new home, and purchased a boat and airplane. The Chancellor imputed additional income to her and awarded support to the father of $1,000 per month. The mother appealed. The Supreme Court found no abuse of discretion. The Court found additional reasons to support the support award, including that mother had not paid any support during the parent’s separation.